Celebrating more than 25 years experience in 2010,
Copyright Music & Visuals has been the complete, professional service 
for music and copyright clearance
saving time, money, wear & tear in the production of:

Feature Film & Documentaries
TV Programming
Live Events
Multimedia & New Technologies
Corporate AV

From research to cue sheets, each aspect is quickly and expertly attended to.

Synchronization, Master Use, Mechanical, Photos, Clips, etc. Don't be frustrated by those dealing with only some publishers, no record companies, no agents or unions. Through Copyright Music & Visuals you access any of them and we're only one phone call away.

Copyright Music & Visuals does not take a percentage of the license fee. Clearly, your interests are represented throughout the negotiation process.

Artist/Song placement. Searches for that special artist, era, title or style.

Access new Indie artists or chart-busters.

Composer selection & review.

Script spotting; temp tracks; music editing.

Public Domain consultation.

'Ballpark' quotes for concept and budget development.

Custom computerized systems access world-wide information.

Stock Music can save a budget. But knowing where to find the good tracks makes the difference. Search for any style or library: traditional well-known Classics, House-funk, Ethnic, Jazz, Horror, plaster-rattle Rock, etc.

Digital Multitrack Automated Studio: Sound Design; re-recording; mixing; music editing.

Original music scoring & adaptation.

Locate, remix and edit masters.

We work with the best lawyers in our industry for any legal opinions or E&O referrals required.

Timing, listing, and final distribution to performing rights organizations.

Copyright Music & Visuals
(a division of Absolute Productions Inc.)
61 Hoyle Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4S 2X5

Tel: (416) 979-3333
Fax: (416) 979-2559

General Info -
President / Founder - John R. Ciccone


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