The quick and easy way
to understand
rights and royalties.
"If I have my way, people feel like they just came out of a really good meeting" said John Ciccone.

"For many years, the first call I get typically starts with 'can I just have 5 minutes of your time for a couple of questions?' It's never 5 minutes", John laughed, "simply because we don't know what we don't know".

"And in fact, if a person's not nudged along for the right questions, there can be gaps in what we understand".

John has found a way to cover a ridiculous amount of copyright basics in about an hour.
A single, one-on-one, up to
one-on-five seminar.

Just yourself, or bring your colleagues, band-mates.

Private. Confidential.
  • Use Music Copyright as a clear model to quickly understand the many types of rights and permissions: moral rights; derivative; performance; synchronization; master use; mechanical; grand rights; dramatic/non-dramatic use; etc.
  • Tap into 30+ years real world experience. Be ready.
  • Snippets. Click here for full testimonials:
  • "His presentation was fantastic - clearly structured, easy to grasp, and extremely effective..."

    "...but also entertaining..."

    "He took a very complicated system and demystified it in a straightforward and easy to understand manner ..."
  • In less than 2 hours
    in a no-pressure environment.
  • Cover important copyright basics.
  • Customizable to your own projects or questions. How-many-notes-can-I-use?
  • Exceptions: Public Domain, Fair Dealing/Fair Use, Parody, Ephemeral, etc.
  • Tips and traps. Heads Up: where and how easily can copyright infringement cost up to $150,000.00 U.S. per incident?
  • Ever wonder how to take a song that's earning several hundred dollars per year, develop it to nearly 1/2 million in one year, and end up with a multi-million dollar price tag? Why not chat with someone who did exactly that?
  • Copyright registration: Why and how it's done
  • Organizations: What they do. Which to join. How they pay.
  • Negotiation strategies.
  • New people
    Old mistakes?
  • Each year people enter the industry with no knowledge of copyright and each year can run up the same old risks. Minimize your risks and losses.
  • Great refresher for veterans too.
  • What happened? Infringement cases like George Harrison/He's So Fine; Blurred Lines/Marvin Gaye; Jay-Z Big Pimpin'; 2 Live Crew/Roy Orbison.
  • H.R. and organization inquiries welcome.
  • Successfully steered one of the most prominent copyright issues in Canadian history "The Hockey Night In Canada Theme".
  • The guy that Olympics legal reps said "moved mountains"
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