"I have worked with John for over a decade on hundreds of music clearances. He is a creative problem solver, expeditious and a truly fine human being. Not only can he navigate complex copyright issues but being a musician himself, he knows how to relate to publishers and talent alike.

Every time I worked with John he was able to find creative solutions to our issues that made all parties feel like winners."
Britta von Schoeller
Broadway Video NYC - Lorne Michaels
Broadway Video Logo
"As the composer of the "Hockey Night in Canada Theme", I have known and worked with John for many, many years. I am confident in saying that the depth and breadth of his understanding of the complexities of intellectual property and copyright matters is unparalleled.

His expertise in areas of law, rights and practical issues is second to none.

I am eternally grateful for his work as Administrator of the "Hockey Theme."
Dolores Claman
Dolores Claman and John Ciccone
"I was very fortunate to attend John Ciccone's workshop session on music rights. His presentation was fantastic - clearly structured, easy to grasp, and extremely effective.

I will go to John whenever I have a question about Music Rights as he is the most trustworthy and knowledgeable source on this topic in Canada.

I recommend that all creators and project managers become familiar with his services because they are crucial when making sure music rights are adhered to."
Monique Renaud
Public Relations Manager
Playwrights Guild of Canada
"I have had the pleasure of working with John Ciccone over the past two decades. He is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable people in the country in the business of copyright and music rights and clearances. In our longstanding professional association he has unfailingly provided, not only an exceptional contribution to the clearance process, but a clear understanding of how and what was required to obtain permissions in every situation.

Over the past three years, John has been a guest speaker to a class I teach in Entertainment Law to students in Humber College's Bachelor in Film and Media Production program. In that context, John has provided a clear and succinct understanding of the clearance framework. I know the students enjoyed and benefited from his presentations.

I look forward to working with John in that and any other opportunities in the future"
Jeffrey Berman
Teleview Productions Limited
"I had the pleasure of interacting with John Ciccone when overseeing the synchronization licensing for EMI Music Publishing and its repertoire of over 1 million copyrights. 

John was extremely knowledgeable on music licensing and worked very hard on behalf of his clients. All of my licensing negotiations with John proceeded fairly and smoothly, thanks to John's diligence. 

For anyone looking for someone to provide you with great representation on music licensing matters, I would strongly recommend John!"
Nancy Weshkoff
Fmr Senior Vice President
EMI Music Publishing North America (NYC)
"John Ciccone's workshop on music rights was the best and most informative session I have ever attended.

He took a very complicated system and demystified it in a straightforward and easy to understand manner with visual materials and concrete examples from real life.

When asked difficult questions about unusual situations, he always had answers at the ready, and was able to offer alternative work-arounds in some instances. For these reasons, and more, I highly recommend John Ciccone for his extensive knowledge and expertise around Music Rights."
Rebecca Burton
Membership & Professional Contracts Manager
Playwrights Guild of Canada
"Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful visit on Friday. It was not only tremendously helpful and informative, but also entertaining :) 

We all got a lot out of it, and truly appreciate the time you so generously spent with us. Thank you for all your insight and guidance."
Susan Murray
Professor -Humber College
"Thank you so much for your very concise and clear outline of the points that my client needs to consider for this project... These types of questions seem to always result in confusion for artists like myself - the clarity which you were able to impart is a revelation indeed!"
Laurel MacDonald
"Over the last 16 years John has been much more than a music clearance company, he has guided us through the entire process and always delivered."
Ross Petty
Ross Petty Productions
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